empowering emerging artists


About Us

Contracommon is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit arts organization that focuses on being a collaborative community for emerging artists.

Established by a group of artists across multiple disciplines, we work to create an inclusive community where everyone’s voice is valid. Moreover, we offer members affordable studio spaces, workshops, and have a dedicated gallery space for members to share their work.

Located just west of Austin, TX, Contracommon has a dedicated 1200 sq/foot gallery space, 12 artist studios, communal work space, office, onsite laundry, and kitchen. Sound booth, dark room, and other amenities are also in the works.

We believe in providing artists the opportunity to present their work to the world without the obstacles of a traditional studio/gallery arrangement. 


Empowering emerging artists through community, collaboration, and creative exploration.




Offer members affordable studio space where they can create, grow, and thrive from their passion.


Giving members access to dedicated gallery space where they can present and promote their work.


Offer amenities and opportunities to members through communal equipment and organizational resources.


Fostering a sense of community through membership programs that nurture collective and individual growth.


Giving back to the community through workshops and public events that promote our members and the arts.