Jordan Hourie

President & DIRECTOR of Curation

Jordan is a nonbinary multidisciplinary designer who specializes in visual art, fashion design, screenprinting, and knitwear. Their artwork explores the in-between with emotional vulnerability and discomfort being common themes throughout their work.



Wade Fabry

Vice President, TREASURER, & Director of Communication

Wade is a multidisciplinary designer that prefers communication arts to fine art. Particularly interested in concept design and branding/identity design as well as art direction, especially when the end product or physical items that exist in real space instead of being tied up in the abstract world of the digital.



Lloyd Wyse

secretary & director of Programming

Lloyd is into maker art and electronic music. Music as a whole is his first love of art and has led to developing production skills alongside programming. A quick beat after work is his go-to creative ventilation. His work explores where art and technology intersect.