Our community

Contracommon is made up of a community of local emerging artists. We run the place collectively, so everyone takes their turn for cleaning, gallery-sitting, install and strike, event hosting, workshop teaching and more! If you don’t mind sweeping and you’d like to join our ranks, check out our Artist Residency page. Want to contribute to our community by hosting an event or workshop series, but aren’t looking for a Residency? That’s cool, too! Click here for more information on hosting events and classes in our space!


Taylor Bailey

Executive Director // Taylor is a visual artist whose work primarily focuses on landscape theory and the relationship of humans with the environment. Her drawings and paintings range in size and material, often utilizing paper and metal, charcoal and inks to create high contrast, dynamic compositions that explore the chaotic connections between man and nature.





Gallery Director // MB is a performance and holographic installation artist, and maker of MINDSOUP by MB.  MINDSOUP is a therapeutic practice rooted in mindfulness + creative energy; a form of Alchemy, as MB transforms memories of trauma into magical moments with handmade holographic “blop” stickers and patches.




Lloyd Wyse

Lloyd is a creator of maker art and electronic music. Music as a whole is his first artistic love, and he has enjoyed developing his production skills alongside programming. A quick beat after work is his go-to creative ventilation. He continuously explores the intersection of technology and art.



Marcella Colavecchio

Marcella was born in Stamford, CT to Italian immigrant parents in 1987. She began her formal training in 2003 at Lyme Academy of Fine Art where she studied Human Anatomy and Figure Drawing. After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a concentration in Abnormal Psychology, Marcella began mixing her love for art with a passionate interest in the intricacies of human psychosis. Her large-scale acrylic paintings deal with the relationship between humans and their ability to adapt psychologically to our environments.




Rachel Spits

Rachel is a self taught abstract artist originally from Houston, TX. Her art serves as an escape from daily life and racing thoughts. Her inspirations derive from music and colors seen in nature. The main goal of Rachel’s work is to evoke emotion and inspire free will.




Daniel Adams

Daniel is an illustrator/graphic designer based out of Austin, TX. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelors degree in Illustration and an Associates degree in Graphic Design. Daniel is a "Jack Of All Trades" who is a graphic designer by day and a woodworker/illustrator by night. His work is bright, chaotic, provocative, and sometimes monstrous.



bradford copy.png

Bradford Smitherman

Bradford is an Austin-based artist and actor currently earning his BFA in Acting at the University of Oklahoma Helmerich School of Drama. Bradford specializes in portrait photography, but also paints and works with digital design. In his work, Bradford aims to convey the turmoil that comes with battling various mental and psychological conditions among our modern-day youth culture. He believes everyone deserves a voice, and through art we can provide a platform to insight positive change.



Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.59.15 AM.png

Carly Blaine

Carly Blaine is a dynamic multi-media artist, practicing as a painter, sculptor, and performer hailing from the heart of Austin, Texas. Fascinated by the body, movement, labor and waste, their work is not intended for liminal interpretation.


chris bio 2.jpg

Chris Ancarrow

Chris has been drawing since he was a kid, pulling his inspiration from comic books and animation. He studied fine art in highschool, and got a BFA in Animation and another in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Chris enjoys drawing fantasy and science fiction pieces as well as portraits.




Ben Faubion

Ben is a mixed-media artist, designer, and maker. His work intersects in the physical space with welding, wood, and spatial interactivity via microcontrollers and sensors. He’s a UI designer by day, and brings his love for the visual arts and technology together as an artist at Contracommon.


victoria image.png

Victoria Waite

Victoria Waite is an abstract artist working and living in Lakeway, TX. Her paintings are usually vibrant with color and texture. She often enjoys using elements of repetition and sometimes incorporates recycled materials. Victoria received a BA in Advertising with a portfolio sequence from UT Austin and has experience in package, print, logo and baseball card design, illustration and print production. Outside of creating art, Victoria is passionate about enjoying time with her family, including her identical twin daughters. She also loves running, yoga, being outside and Bootcamp.