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Taylor Bailey

Director of Outreach /
Taylor is a visual artist whose work primarily focuses on landscape theory and the relationship of humans with the environment. Her drawings and paintings range in size and material, often utilizing paper and metal, charcoal and inks to create high contrast, dynamic compositions that explore the chaotic connections between man and nature.



Lloyd Wyse

Lloyd is a creator of maker art and electronic music. Music as a whole is his first artistic love, and he has enjoyed developing his production skills alongside programming. A quick beat after work is his go-to creative ventilation. He continuously explores the intersection of technology and art.



MB is a performance and holographic installation artist, and maker of MINDSOUP by MB.  MINDSOUP is a therapeutic practice rooted in mindfulness + creative energy; a form of Alchemy, as MB transforms memories of trauma into magical moments with handmade holographic “blop” stickers and patches.



Marcella Colavecchio

Marcella is a fine artist, freelance illustrator, and published author. While the subject matter of her artwork has varied through the different stages of her life, Marcella's recent work focuses on the depiction of powerful emotions; the impact of absence and loss in life, and how one adapts to those changes, visually represented by manipulating the human body and color.



Jeffrey Yanez

Bio coming soon!